Our Manifesto

We believe that everyone has the right to be who they want to be and love who they want to love. We have a responsibility to advocate for the respect and celebration of all people’s diversity.

We believe our brains reflect the lives we experience. Our brains are continually changing by the education we receive, the jobs we do, the hobbies we have, and the sports we play.

We believe children should be free to develop their abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotypes, rigid roles, and prejudices. We want to give children the opportunities to celebrate their uniqueness, foster their differences, and be whomever they want to be.

We want to teach our children the meaning and value of authenticity, freedom, inner harmony, respect for yourself, and others. It’s vital to learn and master respect, empathy, and love. At the end of the day, we are all humans.

Each of us has an impact on the people and world around us. The more conscious and aware we are of our superpowers, the greater impact we can create together.

If you want to personally build a more inclusive world — one where you and your children feel safe and welcome in all your colors – then step up and join us!



Our Vision

We envision a world where children are empowered to be whomever they want to be, regardless of their gender, race, country or tribe, religion, class, or sexual orientation.

A world where diversity and inclusion are celebrated.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage children to celebrate their uniqueness, follow their passions and become fully themselves. To further equality and inspire and develop Tomorrow Change-Makers!d inclusion are celebrated.

Gamifying Education

Aequaland is a groundbreaking social impact and edutech focused video game platform developer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s our mission to create meaningful games that educate, entertain and impact children using inclusion, creativity, and sustainability matters.


We want to create a better world through the games we make. Digo & the Blue Planet is our first foray — set in a colorful planet to guide children through the values of respect, diversity, and inclusion while playing!!


We imagine an infinite number of planets in our universe — from the orange planet where creativity and innovation bloom to the green planet where sustainability is a live reality. Our key driver is to create a positive social impact by furthering children’s development and ultimately creating a diverse, safe, inclusive, and sustainable multiverse.

Our Team

Alma Moya Losada

Co-Founder & CEO

“By taking care of yourself, you embrace the entire world.” 

Rebeca Vera Hernández

Co-Founder & Artist

“The world changes when you believe in those who will change the world.”

Ingrid Reis 


“Gender equality is the door to the future, and education is the key to open it.”

Francy Sánchez

Web developer 

“Surround yourself with people who support your dreams.”

Elif Iscan

Social Media Intern

“The great power of human beings is that we have the power of empathy”

Board of Directors

Kelly Vero


Beatrice Jacot 


Lucy Antrobus


Our Advisory Board

Mary Farmer

Professor Organizational Behaviour

University of British Columbia

Sandy Bouchat

Marketing Director


Laetitia Bochud

Head of Network

Virtual Switzerland 

Stay tuned!

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